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  Volume 9 - Issue 1 January 2003  

Happy New Year!


    Date: 25 January 2003
    Location: Up Your Alley, Aiken SC
    Time: 7 PM (Leaving Augusta at 6PM)

    I do not know if reservations can be made, since we won't know how many plan on attending. For those that want to drive to Aiken as a club, we normally leave from LaPavillion Shopping center on Washington Road at Pleasant Home Rd. at 6PM sharp.

December Meeting

    We held our annual Club Christmas party on 21 December. We had a pretty good turnout and I would like to thank Lynda Keevil and Leslie Romano for their hard work, which made the party a success.

New Club Format

    We have decided to change the club's charter to reflect the seemingly preferred format now sweeping most clubs.

    There will not be any club dues collected this year. Jeff will return any dues previously paid. We will not have any regularly scheduled meetings after the January meeting. If a current member wants to meet or make a trip at anytime during the month to some location, then that member will be responsible for notifying other members as to when and where. This can also be accomplished by using the 'Forum' section on our club web page. This will require you to check of any upcoming events on a regular basis.

    There will no longer be a monthly newsletter. Newsletters will be published quarterly, on a trial basis. I will keep the club incorporation (State of Georgia) current, as needed. As we have already joined NCCC for this year, I would think that next year the club will have to make a decision as to whether we want to continue this in 2004. Again, the only reason for this membership is to provide insurance for the Mall Show.

    Let's see how effective this format is for the next year. The club is only as good as it's members.

Mall Show Dinner

    I have not had the time to attempt to schedule the dinner that was promised to those who placed their cars in the Mall last year, for personal reasons. If anyone who is eligible for the dinner wishes to take over the planning (i.e. setting a date), please let me know.


    The annual Corvette Gathering hosted by Coastal Corvettes is scheduled for the 4th - 5th April. You may go to their site: to download the application. I will not be making reservations for the club this year. Deadline for reservations is around 2 March 2003. Last year we stayed at the Best Western.

President's Notes

    Over the month's previous to the December meeting, I had thought of several ways to kick start the club and get more participation. Over the previous years, we have tried all sorts of formats (i.e. - changing the meeting dates, times, scheduling more road trips, etc). Prior to the meeting I had decided to bring this new format before the club for a vote. I have found over the years, that no matter how much you plan, no matter how much time and effort is expended, if the members do not want to participate, and then they won't. I have heard from reliable sources that there were those within the club that did not like the way that the club was operated, and that even some had a dislike for me. For those who felt strongly about any of these, they should have brought those issues up at our meetings. One and all should remember, that the club officers serve at the discretion of the members. The members should determine what the club's format should be. Over the last few years, Tom Boyle, Jeff Keevil, and myself served in these positions because no other members wanted to take charge. I appreciate the support that Tom and Jeff have given over the years.

    On a personal note, those of you who drive "newer" Vettes must remember that those of us who own older Vettes have to pick and choose the events that we go to, because of mileage limitations placed on us by our insurance companies.

Club Discussion Forum

    Please visit the discussion forum on our club web site.   Show your club spirit by participating in discussions or starting your own new discussions.   As the season is ending, what better way to help keep the enthusiasm alive.   It only takes few minutes of time each day and the payback will be tremendous.

For Sale

    1958 CORVETTE ROADSTER $14,995.00

      Too many new parts to list. Some assembly required.
      Contact: Alex Simeneta
          (706) 860-3115

    Hardtop for late model C-4 convertible (95-96)

      black, like new.
      Contact: Russ
          (706) 651-1282

    1981 CORVETTE $9,700

      71,404 miles as of 8/02, all original, beige w/tan leather interior, beige T-Tops V8 w/automatic, 5.7 liter, power steering, windows, AC, cruise control (after market), tilt/telescoping steering wheel, Pioneer AM/FM cassette (original radio included)
      Contact: Alex Simeneta
          (706) 860-3115

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