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I had a black 69 roadster with a shark nose and spoiler like my burgandy car years ago when I lived in Vermont. The car came from Mass. and I believe it was either built by Silva ( my hero ) or was a nicely built car using Silva glass. A few years back I bought a blue shark in Atlanta GA , it had a gray velour interior that was awful and mechanically it was a bomb , I sold the car after realizing it would have to go into long storage before I could restore it. I've been hunting for a shark for a long time since.

1972 Mako Shark (Silva body)

My white car , a 72 popped up for sale on E bay and I'm very happy to have obtained it. It was built in Silvas stomping grounds in 1976 , I believe by Silva for resale and was sold to a Richard Pellitier. I have a complete history of the car from Pellitier till now. It's a 350 four speed , factory ontario orange , saddle interior , Air car. I plan on a full scale frame off for this car , it's my pride and joy .


1972 Mako Shark (Motion body)

Does anyone remember this car from Dix Hills, NY , painted yellow 1973 to 1975 , or blue and silver?

My burgandy car , also an e bay purchase is also a 72 , factory ontario orange , saddle interior Air car , same as my white car except its a big block 454 . It has 59, 000 original miles.

The history of this car is under intense investigation at this time.



I also have a complete kit to duplicate John Silvas famous "short tail shark" he built a L88 shark for himself which had a very short rear overhang,and all chrome rear suspension , he sold the car which was later stolen and never recovered or seen again. I believe the theives knew what they had and made this kit , the only other explanation that makes sence to me , because this kit is a work of art as far as quality goes , could be that Silva himself made this body when he built his short tail car, I would love to take a real , bloomington gold L88 car and reskin it with this short tail kit and bring it back to bloomington and let them all see what a shark looks like. Can you only imagine the response ?

The orange Manta Ray.

So there you have it. I have an illness, same as Randy Hammitt, the medical term is shark infestation. The inability to stop dreaming about sharks.
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