Dan McMichael's 1970 Motion Maco
Motion Maco Survivor

Joel Rosen found what may be the only surviving Motion Maco Shark. This car was originally sold to a customer living in Queens, New York who was so excited about his new Motion Maco that he immediately put about a thousand miles on the car, cruising around New York and showing it off to his neighbors.

When the novelty of owning a Motion Maco wore off, he parked the car in his New York garage and never drove it again. Twenty-two years later, Joel Rosen heard about the car and found it covered with decades of dust, with only a thousand miles on the odometer. This car wasn't stored, it was simply abandoned. One night the original owner drove it home, parked it, and never drove it again. It sat in the garage in Queens for twenty-two years.

This Motion Maco Shark was patterened off the old GM Mako Corvette show car and carried a Motion Phase III small-block engine. Six of these cars where built, but this is the only one still known to exist. Once the dust was cleaned off, the only known Motion Maco turned out to be in very good condition, except for the rusty headers and bumpers.
Joel Rosen
Going home to Mr. Motion.

Going Home
Going Home
Going Home

Home w/Mike & Joel
@ Winner's Circle
This car is now owned by Dan McMichael and is being restored by Winner's Circle of Indiana.
January 5, 2005
On-going body work.

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