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July 29, 2004

It is a 1968 with what i believe to be a 327, one of the prior owners confided to me that the original motor was a Motion 427. Then he asked me if i wanted to buy an engine from him, a 427. I chuckled but thought, "Hey thats my engine"! but no way to know for sure now. I was told it was a Motion car but i realy don't know what to think. When comparing my car to your sites photos, I can see the diference from makers and believe it to be a Motion car until otherwise told. I have explained to you in the past that I will soon to be working on my sharks looks to the original and plan to do so. quite a bit of custom work, yeah! As is, It runs drives looks decent, can't complain but the edge is missing. As you can see from the photos, I'm missing quite alot of the trim work grill, sidepipes, hood vent inserts and so on. Just a plain Mako.

As you can see, My car needs help. Hopefully some of the members can guide me, through it with some advice. Dixie realy needs it. Major Glass Damage, Story is, when she was on the sales lot. A man died behind the wheel of his pickup Heart attach i was told. He slamed into a chain of cars, mine being at the end of that chain. like Dominos, the cars where shoved against each other and mine was the last to be damaged. That's shown in the drivers side QP. Before i took the trade, the manager tried to have it fixed/reglassed but the dumbass that did it, did it wrong. He glassed it straight, and the QP is not supposed to be straight, it has a slight angle. Now it's going to have to be re-broke like a leg and re-glassed if, it's even salvagable. I doubt it. I think im going to have to fabricate another, but have no skills to do so.

She will need to have all the spider web fractures fixed and re-gelcoated before i will driver her. the interior is ragged and needs complete replacment. the engine i believe is a 327 but i need to rework the carbs and the shifter before I'll driver her ever again.

It's beginning to look more and more grim to me, that it may be years before I'll ever get to appreciate her true beauty. I don't rightly know when I'll ever get her done. My budget is low if existant at all, at this point, but at least i have her and shes protected in my garage for presorvation. I will never sell her.

I love my Dixie and yes, I talk to her, alot. I've promised her that one day i will restore her to her rightfull glory.

Here's a picture of the Mako Shark II that I drew

 Want to talk about this car or ask questions?

   Mc El Dillorin