Wayne Fields' 1970 Mako Shark Corvette


This Mako belongs to Wayne Fields. It was bought on e-bay, April 2002, from Indiana PA. The car was purchased without an engine or transmission (the way it sat since 1974). The frame has been sand-blasted and painted all as new. The beast is now powered by a 396 with the 400hp 427 Tri-Power intake & carburetors and a M21 4-speed.   Do you want to talk about this car or ask questions?


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These pictures were taken on January 3, 2003 at Wayne's house. The background on some of the pictures has been edited to remove distracting elements.

These pictures were provided by Wayne.

2003/03/08 - Here are some pics of the new wheel on my Mako, 82 collector car wheels w/real 66 Knock-offs adapted {that was a job]


This car is currently for sale. For more information, click here.


Also working on a Maco Convertable

2004/?? - Progress on the Maco Convertable

2004/08 - Maco Convertable put together

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  Do you want to talk about this car or ask questions?