Randy Hammitt's 1969 Motion Maco Corvette

This car is a Motion Kit. I purchased the car in August of 1990 in Albemarle, NC at a cheap-o used car lot. I gave 6 grand for it. It had a 350 and a 4 speed. The car also had Air Conditioning, but nothing else! It had been a show car many years prior to my purchase, as the frame is painted a neon orange (yuk).


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I pulled the 350 and put a 383 stroker in it along with a tunnel ram and the Mr.Gasket street scoop. I exploded the right side axle shaft and it blew up into the rear compartment. I removed the 383 and started on the rebuilt process. Currently the car is apart awaiting a trip to the frame shop. It is supposed to go in in late November. I am having the rear frame sectioned. I am converting this car to a pro street unit. I am at the mercy of the frame dude right now... time marches on.

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